kotaixWe plan and design functional and compelling digital media solutions. We take care of the entire concept and solve detail design questions. If you need a website or microsite for your business, we can develop from a single logo to complete corporate design solutions, we provide detail design service, Illustration, animation or flash-banner as well.

We have earned a reputation as friendly and communicative partners for your design needs, call us and if you should have any general or particular question, you are very welcome to use our contact form an we will contact you soon.

kotaix body

selk'nam show

“KOTAIX” is the name for a ritual spirit performance among the selk’nam people (Patagonia, South Chile & Argentina). The selk’nam were not only great hunters but also excellent graphic artists, especially remarkable in body painting. Due the colonization of Patagonia during the 19th century, the selk’nam population became decimated, being considered today to be virtually extinguished.

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